Why Do Bugs Fly In Your Face?

Housefly Flying

Have you ever been enjoying a lovely day outdoors, only to have it disrupted by an eager bug buzzing persistently in your face? This seemingly relentless behavior of insects can feel like a personal attack, but in reality, it has more to do with their survival instincts and the way they perceive the world around … Read more

How Do Maggots Form Without Flies?


Maggots, the larvae of flies, are often associated with decaying organic matter and unclean environments. However, many people are baffled by the appearance of maggots, even in seemingly sanitized areas with no apparent presence of adult flies. This peculiar phenomenon seems to defy a basic understanding of the life cycle of flies. Quick Answer: Maggots … Read more

What Temperature Kills Flies?

Dead Fly

When it comes to controlling a fly infestation in your home or garden, understanding the temperature threshold that can potentially eliminate these pesky insects is essential Flies, like all other living creatures, have a specific range of temperatures where they can thrive. Quick Answer: Flies can be killed by extreme temperatures. While their activity peaks … Read more

At What Temperature Do Flies Become Inactive?

House Fly on Counter

Many people find flies to be a particularly bothersome insect, especially during the warmer months of the year. As the temperature begins to rise, a common question arises: at what temperature do flies become inactive? Temperature plays a crucial role in the life cycle and activity of flies. Generally, these insects become less active in … Read more

Why Do Flies Get Stuck in Window Blinds?

Why Do Flies Get Stuck in Window Blinds

Both live and dead flies can end up in places we don’t often clean and become an eyesore or headache, depending on the situation. Dead flies stuck in out-of-the-way and hard-to-reach places look gross and can attract other pests that are looking for food. Key Points: Live flies stuck in a window blind, or other … Read more

Why Do Flies Die On The Windowsill?

Why Do Flies Die on the Windowsill

Almost every time I go through the house to dust, I am amazed at the reoccurring corpses of flies on window sills. When I was younger, I assumed dead flies on window sill ledges meant they had died trying to get through the glass window. As it turns out, these nuisance pests are hardier than … Read more

Do Flies Hate the Smell of Lemon?

Do Flies Hate the Smell of Lemon

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; flies have a habit of turning up and buzzing around. Not only are these pests extremely annoying, but they can spread diseases and cause other issues with the bacteria they carry. Whether on your kitchen counter or your dirty dishes, flies will show up, land, and … Read more

How Do Flies Get Into A Sealed House?

House Fly

It is not an uncommon thing to see flies in our home when windows have been open and doors used often. In the spring, when letting in a breeze or just airing out the house from a long winter, the occasion fruit flies or adult flies common in our homes will show up. Removing food … Read more

How to Make Cinnamon Spray for Flies

How to Make Cinnamon Spray for Flies

Flies can be obnoxious, but one or two buzzing around doesn’t always warrant busting out the heavy chemicals. Sometimes a natural repellent can be used to keep flies at bay for long enough to finish what you are doing. Natural fly repellents are easy to make, don’t have harsh chemicals, and can be made cheaply … Read more

How To Get Rid of Caddisflies?

How To Get Rid of Caddisflies

Living near bodies of water tends to attract all kinds of insects and bugs. It seems like aquatic insects multiply so much faster than terrestrial bugs and can overrun your yard in no time. An aquatic ecosystem is a busy place, and there are some insects that can be quite a nuisance to have around, … Read more