Does Pine-Sol Kill Ants?

Ants on Hardwood Floor

Pine-Sol is a popular household cleaning product used for a variety of tasks, from disinfecting surfaces to freshening up floors. But can this versatile cleaner also be effective for combating ant infestations? Among common home remedies, Pine-Sol has gained attention as a possible solution to keep ants at bay. While Pine-Sol’s main purpose is not … Read more

Why Are Ants Attracted to Electrical Outlets?

Why Are Ants Attracted to Electrical Outlets

It can be hard to keep ants and other pests out of every nook and cranny, but things can become dire when they make their way into sensitive electrical equipment like circuit breakers or electrical sockets. Not only can pests in these places be hard to locate and kill but doing so can cause damage … Read more

Does Dish Soap Kill Ants Outside and Inside?

Does Dish Soap Kill Ants

Although dozens of powerful pest control products exist, each designed to eliminate the ant problem at your house, they often contain caustic chemicals. While the chemicals do the trick, they’re not particularly friendly to other living creatures. Key Points: In many cases, you need to keep pets and children out of range when using the … Read more

Can Dogs Bring Ants into the House?

Can Dogs Bring Ants into the House

No matter how clean we try to keep our pets, they always seem to find the dirtiest place to stop and lay down. Most of these places are outside of the normal tidy areas of our home and garden and tend to be crawling with ants and other insects. But just because our pets are … Read more

What Kills Bull Ants?

What Kills Bull Ants

Most ants we encounter are small and relatively harmless. They build long trails and make assembly lines, peacefully bringing food back to the nest. But Australian bull ants are another story. They are big and have a powerful sting that delivers strong venom, making them an ant you do not want to encounter. If you … Read more

Can You Bomb Your Car for Ants?

Can You Bomb Your Car for Ants

It’s no secret that ants can find their way inside anywhere. From our desks to our kitchens, ants can pop up all over and invade our homes, offices, and cars. Usually, it’s easy to see a trail of ants in these sorts of living spaces and get rid of them fast, but sometimes there isn’t … Read more

Can Ants Come in Through Drains?

Can Ants Come in Through Drains

A strange thing happens when we cross the threshold of our homes. As we step through the front door insects, we tolerate outside instantly become unwanted invaders inside. Nothing is more frustrating to me than a long trail of ants marching across a previously immaculate room. Ants have a habit of showing up in huge … Read more