Do Fruit Flies Die in the Fridge?

Open Refrigerator

Fruit flies can often be a pesky issue in our homes, especially during the warm summer months when they seem to multiply rapidly. These tiny insects are drawn to ripening fruits and vegetables, making our kitchens the perfect environment for them to thrive. Quick Answer: Yes, fruit flies would likely die in the fridge due … Read more

Will Bleach Kill Phorid Flies?


Phorid flies, commonly known as humpbacked or scuttle flies, are small insects that can become a nuisance when they infest homes and commercial spaces. These flies are often attracted to damp and decaying organic matter, making it crucial to address the underlying cause of the infestation. A common question amongst those dealing with these pests … Read more

Will Drano Kill Drain Flies?

Clogged Drain

Drain flies can be a pesky problem in many households, often causing frustration and discomfort. These tiny insects are attracted to moist environments and thrive in your drains, sewer pipes, and septic systems. Homeowners looking for an effective solution may wonder if using a popular drain cleaner like Drano can eliminate these bothersome pests. Quick … Read more

Why Do Flies Buzz Around Your Head?

Swatting a Bug

Have you ever sat outside on a warm summer day only to find yourself swarmed by flies buzzing around your head? It’s an all-too-common annoyance many of us have faced, but there’s a lot more to these pesky insects than just being a nuisance. Understanding the reasons why flies are so attracted to humans can … Read more

Does Boiling Water Kill Fruit Flies?

Fruit Fly

Boiling water has long been a known method for disinfecting various objects and surfaces, as the high temperatures are effective at killing many bacteria and other microscopic organisms. When it comes to fruit flies, these tiny nuisances not only pose a hygienic issue but can also be quite challenging to eliminate from your living space. … Read more

Does Febreze Kill Flies?


Many of us have spent a warm summer day swatting at pesky flies that find their way indoors. Finding an effective solution to eliminate these bothersome insects is a perennial challenge. One product that comes to mind is Febreze, a well-known air freshener that instantly eliminates odors and freshens the air. Quick Answer: Febreze is … Read more

How To Keep Flies Off My White Car

White Tesla Model 3

White cars are notorious for showing dirt and grime, but it’s not just the dust and stains that you need to worry about when you own one. Flies can also be a troublesome problem for white car owners, as these pesky insects seem to be attracted to the bright surface of your automobile. Quick Answer: … Read more

Does Citronella Candles Repel Flies?

Citronella Candle

As outdoor enthusiasts search for ways to enjoy cookouts and gatherings without being interrupted by these unwelcome guests, one popular solution comes to mind: citronella candles. But do these fragrant candles genuinely work to repel flies, or are they just a pleasant addition to your outdoor decor? Quick Answer: Yes, citronella candles can repel flies. … Read more

How To Get Flies Out Of Your Car

Dead Flies Flyswatter

Dealing with pesky flies in your car can be both annoying and distracting, especially during long road trips or daily commutes. These unwanted guests not only pose a nuisance but can also be unhygienic. Quick Answer: Preventing Flies in Your Car Keep Your Car Clean To prevent flies from invading your vehicle, the first and … Read more

Does Air Freshener Kill Flies?

Air Freshener Being Sprayed In Home

Air fresheners are a common household staple, used primarily to eliminate unpleasant odors and create a more pleasant atmosphere indoors. However, there is a recurring question that tends to arise when it comes to these fragrant products: can air fresheners also serve a dual purpose by killing or deterring flies? Quick Answer: Air fresheners are … Read more