Can Pesticides Kill Termites?

Termites are a common problem for homeowners, causing damage to wood structures and furniture. Finding the right solution to eradicate termites is essential to protect your home and prevent further damage. One option homeowners may consider is using pesticides to kill termite populations. But do pesticides effectively eliminate termites, and are they a viable solution … Read more

Do Mice Know to Avoid Glue Traps?

Mice In Glue Trap

Glue traps are a common method for capturing and controlling rodent populations. However, the effectiveness of these traps can be a topic of debate. A frequently asked question is whether mice are smart enough to discern and avoid glue traps when they encounter them. Quick Answer: Mice don’t naturally avoid glue traps, but as cautious … Read more

How to Tell if Mice are Chewing on Wires

Damaged Electric Wire Cord

Mice infestations are a common issue that many homeowners face, causing various problems within the household. One of the significant concerns related to these tiny critters is the damage they can potentially cause to your electrical wiring. Identifying the early signs of mice chewing on wires is crucial to prevent expensive repairs and serious safety … Read more

Can a BB Gun Kill a Rat?

Air Rifle

BB guns are popular recreational shooting tools and are often thought of as toys by many people. However, they have some level of power behind them, which leads to the question: can a BB gun kill a rat? Rats can be quite a persistent nuisance and are known to cause significant damage to homes and … Read more

Can Rats Come Through Air Vents?


Rats have a notoriously bad reputation as unwanted guests in many homes and buildings. While these rodents can be quite clever in finding ways to infiltrate living spaces, a common concern among homeowners is whether rats can come through air vents. The short answer is, yes, rats can indeed enter a home or building through … Read more

Does Epsom Salt Kill Rats?

Does Epsom Salt Kill Rats

A rat infestation can lead to all sorts of problems, from damage to your home to disease exposure. While using rat poison is an effective way to kill the rat population infesting your home, it can also be dangerous and potentially fatal for pets and small children. Key Points: Because of this, rat poison isn’t … Read more

How to Get Mice Out of Couch?

How to Get Mice Out of Couch

Mice are pesky little creatures that can find their way into your home and, unfortunately, your couch. If you suspect that you have a mouse problem on your couch, it’s important to take action quickly to avoid further infestation. Key Points: Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the mice are simply passing over … Read more

How To Stop Mice From Getting Under The Door

How To Stop Mice From Getting Under The Door

Mice are unwelcome visitors in most homes, especially when they start chewing through your home to skitter inside. They can destroy your home, chewing through wiring, gas pipes, walls, and wood. On top of that, they can get into your food supplies, leaving behind droppings and a host of diseases, including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and listeria. … Read more

Will Pine-Sol Keep Rats Away?


When it comes to pesticides and pest repellents, it is hard to get over the strong chemical smells and often harmful toxic ingredients that can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Although infrequent exposure to these chemicals is much better than living in a rat-infested area, it would be nice to have a way … Read more

Do Raccoons Mark Their Territory?

Do Raccoons Mark Their Territory

Adult raccoons can be aggressive animals who hunt for food at night. Despite the reputation for being dangerous to humans, which they can be when it comes to strong smells and sanitation, raccoons dig latrines to keep waste away from food sources and nests. Because of their sense of smell, raccoons tend to be clean … Read more