Can Ants Come in Through Drains?

A strange thing happens when we cross the threshold of our homes. As we step through the front door insects, we tolerate outside instantly become unwanted invaders inside. Nothing is more frustrating to me than a long trail of ants marching across a previously immaculate room.

Ants have a habit of showing up in huge numbers. You go to bed with a clean counter and wake up to an army of ants. As we find and eliminate entry points to keep these pests at bay, Let’s not forget drains. Can ants come in through drains? Do ants live in drains? Let’s find out!

Do Ants Come Through Drains?

It is only a matter of time before ants start popping up out of your kitchen drains. The half-dissolved food and scum, as well as abundant water, shine like a beacon to ants looking for a reprieve. Shower drains are full of delicious molds, skin and hair particles, and organic shower products. This attracts ants to your bathrooms as well.

Water and food sources are all ants look for, and these are found in and around drains galore. It’s easy to see why ants like drains. It’s not always so obvious how ants get into drains in the first place.

How Do Ants Get in Drains?

Ants will make their way through cracks and fissures in the structure of your home. Over time ants in expanding colonies can follow those channels until they reach your drains. The wet wood, excess water, and food around drains will eventually attract scouts and flying ants.

Ants can make nests in these tunnels and grow to alarming numbers. By the time ants start pouring out of drains, there could already be an entire colony inside your walls. There are a few methods to help you tell how bad your ant infestation is.

How to Tell If You Have Ants in Your Drain?

Ants in Kitchen Sink

There are a few ways to identify whether there are ants in your drain before they move out and into your cupboards and cabinets. If you can catch ants early, there are several effective and safe remedies to remove them. If they get out of control you may need something more toxic.

Here are the first signs of ants in your drains:

1. Different Sounds in Your Drain

As ants begin to carry out more of the scum and clogs in your drain, you may be able to hear gurgling sounds. Different sounds may be an indicator of early ant infestation. However, millions of things could cause a change in plumbing noise so this should be used in conjunction with other signs.

2. Flying Ants Near Drain

Sometimes you may randomly see a flying ant on the walls or ceiling of a room with a drain. Ants get in and move around a house regularly, so it’s not completely out of the ordinary. However, if you begin to see flying ants regularly or groups of them, then chances are they are entering that room. Check the drains if other entry points are sealed.

3. Scattered Ant Scouts Appear in Rooms near Drains

Ants send out scouts to find a definite source of food. These scouts move in a trail but with much more space between each ant. If you start seeing ants wandering around a room with a drain, pay attention to where they go and come from. If it’s the drain, you will need to put a stop to them.

4. Ants Coming Out of Your Drain

If you regularly see ants coming out of and going into your drain, then there is probably a nest and colony below. Now would be a good time to start using methods of ant removal and prevention to clean up your drains.

How To Stop Ants In Your Drain?

There are several ways to stop ants from making a home in your drain. As strong as ants are, they are relatively easy to eliminate and prevent if steps are taken at the right time. Here are some effective ways to get ants out of your drains.

For a small ant problem, your drains can be quickly cleaned with baking soda and vinegar. Pour baking soda into the drain until it overflows. Pour about 2 cups of vinegar for every cup of baking soda into the drain. After the reaction is complete, pour a gallon of hot water down to clear out the food and scum ants love.

To keep any survivors at bay, in a spray bottle, pour vinegar with water and squirt around the drain until no ants appear for several days. Vinegar kills ants and destroys the scents they use to communicate. It will help you reclaim your drain pipes.

If you are dealing with a larger infestation, you can use borax. Borax, once ingested, moves through a colony and eventually reaches the queen. This ends the future of the ants and will eliminate a large infestation very quickly. Try to clean the dead ants as best you can to prevent more pests.

Quick Look at How to Identify, Stop, and Prevents Ants in Drains

Here is a quick breakdown of how to keep your drains ant free:

Ant SightingEliminatePrevent
Fly AntsVinegar Spray BottleKeep drains clean
Ant ScoutsVinegar Spray BottleKeep the area around drains clean
Ant in DrainBoraxTreat the exterior of the house and seal cracks

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