How to Get Rid of A Wasp Nest in Roof Eaves

Wasp Nest

Getting rid of a wasp nest in your roof eaves can seem like a daunting task. However, it’s important to address the problem to avoid potential stings, structural damage, and the negative impact wasps may have on your outdoor activities. Before attempting to remove a wasp nest, you need to understand the potential risks and … Read more

Do Carpenter Bees Make Honey?

Carpenter Bee On Flower

Are carpenter bees simply wood-loving creatures or clandestine honey-makers? These large, solitary bees may resemble their more social counterparts, the honeybees, but their behavior and contributions to the natural world hold distinct differences. Unlike honeybees that reside in large colonies, carpenter bees are solitary beings gathering pollen and nectar to provide for their offspring. They … Read more

Why are Wasps Attracted to My Car?

Why are Wasps Attracted to My Car

Wasps are never a nice surprise, but when these resilient insects are buzzing around our cars, it is even worse. There are several things that can bring bees and wasps to your car especially predatory wasp species like yellow jackets. Knowing what causes hungry wasps to hoover over your car can help you avoid this … Read more

Can Wasp Spray Kill a Snake?

Can Wasp Spray Kill a Snake

Few household chemicals are as toxic and lethal as wasp spray. Wasps are nasty, territorial insects that will attack you viciously if you provoke them. That means when attacking a wasp nest in your yard, you need your spray to never miss and to always kill on contact.  Quick Answer: While wasp spray may harm … Read more

Can You Flood a Yellow Jacket Nest?

Can You Flood a Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow jackets and wasps can be quite the problem if a nest ends up on your property, and immediate action needs to be taken to protect you and your family. But it can be difficult to figure out what the safest and most effective way to kill yellow jackets is.  Yellow jacket nests are often … Read more