Is It Safe to Live in a House with Termites?

Termites Eating Wood

Termites are notorious for causing significant damage to homes, devouring wooden structures, and potentially compromising the integrity of a building. Homeowners often face the question of whether it’s safe to live in a house with termites. To ease the anxiety and guide you through this issue, let’s discuss the safety aspects and potential hazards associated … Read more

Do Tree Stumps Attract Termites?

Do Tree Stumps Attract Termites

When it comes to things that can quickly destroy your home, we often think of acts of God, like earthquakes and hurricanes. But sometimes, the culprits don’t make themselves known with a loud roar of earth or wind; sometimes, what’s damaging your home remains almost entirely unnoticed. Mold and pests like termites are some of … Read more

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A Home?

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A Home

Termites don’t need decades to destroy a home. Instead, these pests work silently and efficiently, chewing away at the wood structure of your home. Then, by the time you know they’re there, your home might be damaged beyond belief, racking up thousands of dollars in repairs. They can destroy your home in as little as … Read more

Can Termites Live In A Mattress?

Can Termites Live In A Mattress

While most of us automatically associate termites with wood, they’ll happily munch on other materials. Unfortunately, that can include your mattress and bed sheets (yikes!). Since cotton mattresses and bed sheets contain cellulose, something these insects thrive on, they can take up residence in your mattress while using it as food. They’ll be even more … Read more

Can Termites Spread from House to House?

Can Termites Spread from House to House

As a homeowner, it seems like pests always try to get into my space. From insects to rodents and reptiles, pests big and small want to enter your attics, crawl spaces, and walls. The scariest of pests that creep into our homes is a termite infestation.  Yearly termite inspections are recommended because the cost of … Read more