Does Green Cleaner Kill Aphids?

Pest control can be a complicated measure when dealing with sensitive plants. Indoor plants and plants with delicate flowers can be hard to treat without causing pesticide ingestion dangers. Pests can be present at any stage of a plant’s life and drastically impact a healthy harvest, so they must be dealt with immediately.

Pests like aphids and mites can infect your plants at any time and lay eggs in the leaves and other foliage.  Common products like soap and water can eliminate aphids on contact, but soapy water won’t destroy aphid eggs completely. The only solution I have found for that is Green Cleaner. 

Can Green Cleaner Kill Aphids?

Green Cleaner is safe, all-natural, and effective against various plant ailments, from powdery mildew to spider mites. It is highly effective against aphids at every life stage, and the solution smothers eggs on contact. 

During the growth and flowing stages of plant development, Green Clean can be used as an aphid spray on adult and winged aphids. It is hard to find a whole aphid life cycle insecticide for aphids and difficult to control aphid damage late in a flower stage with most pesticides.

Insecticidal soaps that kill adult aphids but do not suffocate the eggs can lead to super aphids. To prevent this from happening, ingredients in Green Cleaner, like alcohol and soybean oil, work to dry out and smother the eggs. Spray the entire plant at the first signs of aphids for complete aphid control indoors and out. 

How Does Green Cleaner Kill Pests?

Central Coast Garden Green Cleaner 8 Ounce - all Natural Pesticide - Exterminates Broad Mites and Russet Mites - Soybean Oil Based

Green Cleaner uses a complete eradication approach coupled with all-natural ingredients to slay pests on your leaves and foliage without ruining the quality of your harvest. Take Green Cleaner, mix with water in a spray bottle, soak all sides of the leaves, and coat the entire plant uniformly for 3 to 4 days. High-pressure machine sprayers and a strong stream of water are the best ways to apply this minimum-risk pesticide. 

Green Cleaner has active ingredients that work together to kill eggs, juvenile, and adult stages of aphids which stops infestations and reduces pesticide resistance of future generations. Isopropyl alcohol and citric acid kill on contact, and soybean oil and sodium lauryl sulfate manage pests when mixed with a steady stream of water. 

Isopropyl Alcohol 

When it hits plant surfaces and contacts pests, it causes instant dehydration. Alcohol evaporates quickly and will take any moisture with it reducing humidity where mold thrives. In addition to killing soft-bodied pests, an aphid plant spray with alcohol also sterilizes leaves infected with powdery mildew reducing mold damage. 

Citric Acid

The acidity in Green Cleaner will kill most pests on contact. Citric acid is effective against aphid infestations and is used as an aphid repellent. Molds and fungi that affect our plants rely on maintaining a certain pH balance. Citric acid lowers the pH reducing mold and aphid populations simultaneously. 

Soybean Oil

Suffocates mites like russet mites and insects like gnats. The oil coats the leaves and moves over everything, creating a sticky film. Green Cleaner is effective in choking the eggs of gnats and russet mites as well as the adults in the larger garden area.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Green Cleaner has a sticky compound that coats bugs and prevents them from making a hasty retreat to the bottoms of leaves. The residue will hold pests until completely dry and gives the other active ingredients time to work.

What Can Green Cleaner Kill?

Green Cleaner is a safe, all-natural aphid spray that can be used from planting cuttings to harvesting flowers. The versatility of this insecticide for aphids makes it extremely useful for a range of pests and plant disorders. 

Plant Aliment Application RateFollow up
Aphids2 oz per gallon 1 oz per gallon
Spider Mites2 oz per gallon1 oz per gallon
White Flies2 oz per gallon1 oz per gallon
Broad Mites2 oz per gallon1 oz per gallon
Russet Mites2 oz per gallon1 oz per gallon
Powdery Mildew1/2 oz per gallon1/2 oz per gallon weekly

Aphids – A garden nightmare. They are fast-populating and do severe damage to plants. Signs of aphids include dew-like sap and visible aphids on and under leaves. Winged aphids can be seen flying around plants, and an increase in aphid predators can also signify aphids.

To use the organic aphid killer spray effectively, you can knock down winged aphids and coat adolescents and eggs still on the plants. It can be used even on the day of harvest to kill all aphid species quickly.

Spider Mites A common pest for houseplants, spider mites are small and hard to notice. The most common indicator of this houseplant pest outbreak is the threads of webs covering your maturing plants. These damaging pests need to be caught early to avoid infestation

White Flies – Indoor potted plant pests that are common in soggy soil can quickly spread to your entire crop. The knockdown effect of Green Cleaner can prevent these pests from escaping and hiding from the spray as the rest of the chemicals work on the eggs and larvae. 

Broad Mites – A pest that affects new growth and eats the lower leaf surfaces. They can quickly destroy a crop of maturing plants and stop transplants from establishing. Spraying these mites with Green Cleaner can give your plants the chance they need to recover. 

Russet Mites – Yellow necrotic growth on plant leaf tips is an indicator of a russet mite infestation. If treated early, plants can recover, but if you are seeing severe signs, all plant matter should be destroyed and pots cleaned thoroughly. Green Cleaner can help stop the spread of russet mites into other plants. 

Powdery Mildew –  High humidity is the culprit that invites powdery mildew to take hold on plants. once it is established on a plant, it can quickly overtake the whole growing environment and cause damage to your entire crop. The alcohol in Green Cleaner reduces humidity through rapid evaporation, and the citric acid makes the surface of the plants unsuitable for mold growth. 

Benefits of Green Cleaner

Green Cleaner CCGC1128 2.5 Gallon Concentrate

There are several main benefits to using Green Cleaner to treat your plants. Continued use of pesticides that only kill the adults and not the eggs can lead to offspring developing resistance to the chemicals. More products must be used every season, or the infestations will not subside.

Green Cleaner kills eggs and all other stages of life in pests, so they have no chance of developing resistance. This will prevent superbugs from becoming the norm.  It is effective at killing pests but extremely safe for us to apply

Green Cleaner has a zero-hour re-entry time, so you can come right back to work after spraying. It is so safe that no respirators or gloves need to be worn while applying it to your girls. There is also a zero-day preharvest interval meaning you can use this pesticide the same day you intend to harvest your buds with no fear of harmful residual effects.