How Long Does It Take For Pesticides To Dry?

How Long Does It Take For Pesticides To Dry

Pest infestations are typically unwanted houseguests, taking up space and causing problems for the residents. Perhaps you have an ant problem, with ants pouring into your home from an undetermined location. Or, maybe you see numerous cockroaches skitter across the floor throughout the day. Key Points: Whatever the pest is, they’re not a welcome visitor, … Read more

Will Pine-Sol Keep Rats Away?


When it comes to pesticides and pest repellents, it is hard to get over the strong chemical smells and often harmful toxic ingredients that can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Although infrequent exposure to these chemicals is much better than living in a rat-infested area, it would be nice to have a way … Read more

Will Hornet & Wasp Spray Kill Spiders And Their Eggs?

Will Hornet Spray Kill Spiders

It stands to reason that most bug sprays are interchangeable. While some sprays are relatively mild, like citronella or peppermint repellents, others, like hornet spray, are extremely intense due to the nature of the pest it is designed to slay. When it comes to using wasp sprays, if you miss or the insecticide spray doesn’t … Read more

Are Pesticides Safe after They Dry?

Are Pesticides Safe after They Dry

While non-toxic chemicals are usually the preferred method for pest control, there are times when that is just not going to cut it. For some pests like mosquitos, roaches, and fleas, the peppermint oils and witch hazel just don’t hold these types of pests off for long. For pest management of a higher magnitude, you … Read more

How Does Tempo Dust Work?

How Does Tempo Dust Work

Pyrethroid insecticide comes in many forms and knocks down and kills countless types of insect pests. The active ingredient cyfluthrin is found in chrysanthemums and effectively kills insects on contact but sometimes lacks any residual control. Commercial wasp spray is common to kill insects that have entered our homes or are in visible locations around … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Bifen IT to Work?

How Long Does It Take for Bifen IT to Work

Treating a yard with pesticide can be complicated, and calling a pest control specialist can be expensive. There are countless insect pests that can make enjoying our yard impossible, and when an infestation happens, we want results fast. Fast-acting pesticides are the most toxic, however, and in an effort to eliminate pest infestations without adverse … Read more

How Does Deltamethrin Work?

How Does Deltamethrin Work

Pyrethroid insecticides are extremely effective bug killers, and synthetic pyrethroids have been used on many insects for over four decades. Deltamethrin is one of the most widely used commercial synthetic pyrethroids on the market and relies on active ingredients based on the chrysanthemum flower’s compound pyrethrins.  What Is Deltamethrin Used For? Deltamethrin is used primarily … Read more

Does Green Cleaner Kill Aphids?

Does Green Cleaner Kill Aphids

Pest control can be a complicated measure when dealing with sensitive plants. Indoor plants and plants with delicate flowers can be hard to treat without causing pesticide ingestion dangers. Pests can be present at any stage of a plant’s life and drastically impact a healthy harvest, so they must be dealt with immediately. Pests like … Read more

Is It Safe to Fumigate While Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Fumigate While Pregnant

Limiting exposure to pesticides and toxins is always a good idea to avoid health risks and negative effects. Studies show that people who work with and come in contact with pesticides regularly can experience adverse effects. These effects are amplified if a woman is exposed to pesticides during pregnancy.  Fumigation is the use of concentrated … Read more

Can Wasp Spray Kill a Snake?

Can Wasp Spray Kill a Snake

Few household chemicals are as toxic and lethal as wasp spray. Wasps are nasty, territorial insects that will attack you viciously if you provoke them. That means when attacking a wasp nest in your yard, you need your spray to never miss and to always kill on contact.  Quick Answer: While wasp spray may harm … Read more