How Long Does It Take for Bifen IT to Work?

Treating a yard with pesticide can be complicated, and calling a pest control specialist can be expensive. There are countless insect pests that can make enjoying our yard impossible, and when an infestation happens, we want results fast. Fast-acting pesticides are the most toxic, however, and in an effort to eliminate pest infestations without adverse health effects, pyrethroid insecticides are a common go-to.

For year-round outdoor applications and emergency indoor uses, bifenthrin products can be the safest choice. These broad-spectrum insecticides can work on a range of insects, so selecting the best product for each use is recommended. Check the label instructions to find the best product for your turf pests. 

How Does Bifenthrin Work?

Bifen is a residual pesticide that is used to deal with common turf pests indoors and outdoors. Bifen XTS, Bifen IT, and Bifen LP are all Bifenthrin products. These products have an active ingredient of synthetic pyrethroids, the chemicals naturally found in chrysanthemums. According to the product label, these synthetic pyrethroids are safe for plants and animals once it has completely dried. 

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Unlike other forms of insect control, applications of bifenthrin are gradual and work faster on different types of insects. The effects of pyrethroids are rapid, but the method of contact varies from insecticide to insecticide. To avoid adverse health effects on people and pets, bifenthrin in soil builds up slowly, killing the insects through residual contact.

It takes at least 10 minutes for the active ingredients in Bifen IT to begin working on the first pests it comes in contact with. Types of insects that crawl, like ants, armyworms, and roaches, are the quickest to feel the effects of concentrations of bifenthrin. The efficacy of bifenthrin depends on the type of insect control, Bifen IT, Bifen LP, or Bifen XTS, as well as the current levels of bifenthrin in soil.

The concentration of bifenthrin per gallon of water can be adjusted depending on the types of insects attacking and the size of the areas of application. For hopping insects like fleas, chiggers, and mole crickets, Bifen LP in high concentrations can be mixed with water and applied liberally to a lawn. Bifen LP lasts longer than Bifen IT, killing a wider range of insects, and is recommended for total flea control. 

Bifen IT has a shelf life of 3 to 5 years and can be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The active ingredient bifenthrin is no longer harmful to pets after it is completely dry. According to bifenthrin technical information, a normal dose should be dry within 1 hr after application and can be used on pet beds and other animal spaces. 

What Does Bifenthrin Kill?

Bifenthrin in the soil can eliminate over 75 pests by prolonged exposure to bifenthrin residues. As pest insects spend more time on a lawn with pyrethroid insecticide for treatment, they will expire due to internal poisoning and digestive failure. 

Some pests or life stages of pests will be killed immediately by their first contact with Bifen IT. More insect control will take place over the following 3 months as any target insect that enters a sprayed area will perish as well through residual contact. There are no adverse health effects for mammals, birds, or reptiles if instructions are followed. In aqueous environments, bifenthrin use should be avoided. 

PestHow LongHow to Apply
ArmywormsAfter 10 minsApply Granular to Lawn
Mole CricketsUp to 2 weeksApply Granular to Lawn
MosquitosUp to 30 days Apply Granular to Lawn
FleasUp to 2 Weeks Apply Granular to Lawn
Clover MitesAfter 10 minsApply Granular to Lawn
RoachesAfter 10 minsApply Granular to Lawn
AntsAfter 10 minsApply Granular to Lawn
ChiggersUp to 2 WeeksApply Granular to Lawn
Stink BugsUp to 2 WeeksApply Granular to Lawn

Crawling Pests

Insects that move along the ground, both in indoor spaces and in our lawns, are the most susceptible to the effects of bifenthrin. The active ingredient works quickly on contact, and the slow degradation of bifenthrin leaves residual pest control for up to 3 months. 

The sweet smell of the insecticide bifenthrin will attract ants, roaches, and other creepy crawlies. Contact with Bifen IT has immediate effects on keratinophagous insects, and the effects of pyrethroids are rapid and widespread. These types of insects can easily be controlled with regular dose residues of Bifen IT.

Hopping Pests

Mole crickets and fleas can jump around and make insect control difficult. Pest insects that move as fast as fleas can be hard to kill with contact-based insecticides. The effects of Bifen IT last for several months, and sooner or later, even the springest of bugs will land where the insecticide bifenthrin can take effect. 

To increase the effectiveness of this pesticide, add gallons of water to ensure complete saturation into the grass and turf. Flea and mole cricket larvae and eggs will be more easily eradicated than the quick-moving adults. It may take a few doses and several hours of exposure before the full effects of bifenthrin pesticide kick in. 

Flying Pests

For insect control of flying pests, exposure to bifenthrin residues could take longer. Mosquitos and Japanese beetles spend time on the underside of leaves hiding from predators and environmental conditions. Bifen should be applied in multiple doses on the leaves of plants and where flying insects land to ensure dose residues contact these pests. 

For the effects of bifenthrin pesticides to work on mosquitos applying them to lawns before breeding conditions are favorable is advised. Concentrations of bifenthrin building in the soil can have a potent effect on flying insects that only briefly come in contact with the residue. 

How Long Is Bifen IT Residue Potent For?

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The life of Bifenthrin in Bifen IT is up to 90 days when applied correctly. The insecticide bifenthrin is useful against a range of insects and lasts for several months with residual kill capabilities. Residues of bifenthrin persisted through rain and other adverse weather conditions due to a strong chemical bond when applied outdoors. 

Few pesticides work as well and as consistently as the insecticide bifenthrin and its toxic effects on its range of pests.  Ant infestations indoors and out, as well as a reliable pet-friendly flea control method, can be counted on with 4′-OH bifenthrin. The bifenthrin technical fact sheet recommends quarterly applications to ensure complete pest control all year long.